BIRD B GONE 5″ Bird Spike Stainless Steel


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Stainless steel pigeon spikes are used on buildings and structures to keep pest birds from landing and roosting. Pigeon spikes are effective, humane, and will not harm birds. #1 specified pigeon spike by architects, contractors, and government agencies. Industry leading guarantee of 10 years. Virtually invisible; will fit any contour – can safely bend 360 degrees! Bird Species: Repels all birds including pigeons, crows, seagulls, vultures, or larger birds. Packaging: Bird-B-Gone stainless steel pigeon spikes are sold in variety of sizes, be sure to measure carefully and buy the appropriate amount.; pre-assembled into two-foot sections. Materials/Design: High-quality stainless steel pins in a UV protected polycarbonate base. Patented “bend and crush” design ensures spikes will not fall out of base. No-nest design. Specialty no gap spacing between bird spikes deters birds from roosting and landing. All bird spikes are Made in USA

  • Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes come in 2′. sections. Choose by the linear feet you need to protect.
  • Installation: The base of the bird spike strip is 2” and can be glued, screwed, or tied down to any surface.
  • Expertise Level: Easy
  • Warranty: Industry leading guarantee of 10 years.
  • Widths: Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes are 5”wide.

Surface should be clean and dry before installation. Select width of bird spike based on surface to be covered. For permanent placement, glue, screw, or tie down bird spike strips in conjunction with an outdoor construction grade adhesive. Stainless steel bird spike rods should overhang the outer edge by a minimum of 1/2″. Stainless steel bird spike rods should be no more than 1″ from the back wall to prevent smaller birds from landing between the bird spikes and the back wall. Wider ledges may require multiple rows of pigeon spike strips. Install bird spike strips with 1″ overlap.

  • Secure pigeon spikes with proper screws and adhesive.
  • Wood surface area: bird spikes can be secured with wood screws
  • Concrete, brick, or steel surface areas – use outdoor construction adhesive
  • One caulking tube of adhesive should cover approximately 20 ft of pigeon spike installation
  • Whenever possible, we suggest screwing or bolting down bird spikes in conjunction with the use of an outdoor construction adhesive